7 Beautiful temples to visit in Bishnupur

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Here is a list of some of the beautiful temples you must visit in Bisshnupur...

Ras Mancha

The temple has a pyramid-like structure with numerous door-like structures made of bricks. The name is derived from the Ras Utsav which was organized here by the Mallya's from 1600 AD.


Jor Bangla Temple

This is a 17th-century temple famous in Bishnupur built by Raghunath Singha in 1655 A.D. The diety mainly is of "Radha Krishna" and the terracotta depict Ramayana & Mahabharat.


Pancha Ratna Temple

The Pancha Ratna Temple was built by King Raghunath Singha in 1643. There are 5 towers referred to as five gems. It has a "char Chala" roof surmounted by gems in each corner.


Radha Govinda Temple

The laterite Ekratna temple was built in 1729 AD during the time of Krishna Singha. It is surrounded by a beautiful garden around and a pond on one side.


Lalji Temple

Lalji Temple has been built by Malla king Bir Singha. In front of the main temple, there are two chariots one of Lord Lalji and the other of lord Raghunath.


Nandalal Temple

Mallaraj Birsingha built the Nandalal temple in 1658. It has a square curved roof with a single tower and has a very attractive vibe and excellent terracotta architecture.


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Radha Madhab

The Radha Madhab temple was built in 1737 by the ruling Malla dynasty and is dedicated to Radha and Krishna.


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These are some of the Temples you must visit in Bishnupur. Thanks for Reading!