7 Best Places to visit near Santiniketan, West Bengal

Santiniketan is a popular place located near Bolpur in the Birbhum district. Here are some popular places to visit in Santiniketan...



Chhatimtala is one of the important sites in Shantiniketan. In this spot, there is a 'Chhatim' under which Maharsi Devendranath Tagore use to meditate under it.


Rabindra Bhavan

Rabindra Bhavan was set up in 1942 as a memorial after the demise of Rabindranath Tagore. Manuscripts, books journals and photographs published by him are archived here.


Sonajhuri Forest

Khaoi Sonajhuri forest is surrounded by the beautiful Kopai river. The red soil and the blooming yellow flowers in spring beautifies  the spot specially during Holi.


Cheena Bhawan

It is a Sino-Indian center that deals with Chinese Culture and tradition. Green lawns surrounds the main hall and frescoes by Nandalal Bose are decorated on the walls.

Pic: Bodhisattwa 


Bell Tower

Heritage Bell tower is a clock tower with a giant roofed bell. It was built back in 1927 and has been regulating the timings of the daily activities of the ashram.

Pic: Biswarup Ganguly


Amar Kutir

Sushen Mukherjee a revolutionary freedom fighter of India founded the historic cottage Amar Kutir in 1927 which manufactures and sells handicrafts like Kantha. 


Pic: Biswarup Ganguly

Kala Bhavan

Kalabhavan is a fine arts museum established by Rabindranath Tagore in 1919.  This museum displays various traditional arts like sculptures, murals, etc.

Pic: SuparnaRoyChowdhury


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These are some of best places to visit near Santiniketan. Thanks for Reading!