7 Best Places To Visit In Karnataka, India


There are a lot of popular places to visit in Karnataka. Here are some of them…

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Bengaluru, formerly known as Bangalore, is the capital city of Karnataka. There are many parks, palaces, temples, museums, shopping hubs, and restaurants, which you can visit here.


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Coorg is located in Karnataka's majestic highlands, with a constant misty landscape. It is well-known for its amazing green highlands and is also famous for producing coffee all over India.


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Hampi, also called the "city of ruins,'' is a historical spot located in the shadowy depths of hills and valleys in Karnataka. This place is bordered by ancient monuments & beautiful temples.


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Mysore, popularly known as "The City of Palaces," is one of the most ancient cities located in India. It is well known for its beautiful palaces, magnificent buildings, and rich heritage.


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It is a small coastal town situated in Karnataka. This place is well known for its Ancient Temples, Beautiful beaches, & lush green forests. Here you can also find famous South Indian Dishes.


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Jog Falls

Jog falls, located in the Shimoga district of Karnataka, is India's 2nd highest plunge & tallest waterfall. It is surrounded by lush greenery which makes it a great site for photography.


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Bandipur National Park

This is widely regarded as one of India's most beautiful national parks. It is known for having the second-highest tiger population in India with more than 170 tigers.


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These are some of best places to visit Karnataka. Thanks for Reading!

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