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5 Popular Waterfalls You can Visit in West Bengal

West Bengal’s diverse natural beauty astounds visitors and attracts tourists from all over India.

While the north offers high-Himalayan slopes, mountains, and valleys, the south offers tranquil beaches, jungles, and islands.

Among the many natural attractions in West Bengal, there are some spectacular waterfalls that draw a large number of visitors every year.


If you are planning a trip to some breathtaking places among valleys, forests, and hills, during summer in West Bengal, you must visit some of the stunning waterfalls.

In this article, you will get to know about the following waterfalls in West Bengal,

  1. Rainbow Waterfalls
  2. Changey Waterfalls
  3. Turga Waterfalls
  4. Chunnu Waterfalls
  5. Paglajhora Waterfalls

Let’s see each of these waterfalls in detail…

1. Rainbow Waterfall

Rainbow waterfall is one of West Bengal’s most stunning waterfalls, located in the small quaint hamlet of Mandir gaon.

It is secluded in the deep forests, vast expanding tea plantations, and the Kalej valley.


Rainbow Falls has derived its name from the divine appearance of a rainbow at the point of its fall in the Mandir gaon Village.

You can click awesome photographs of the cascading waterfall, especially the rainbow which forms due to the sunrays. 

2. Changey Waterfall

Changey Waterfalls is considered one of West Bengal’s most beautiful and charming waterfalls and is located 4 kilometers from Kolakham in the Kalimpong district and 14 km from Lava.

The waterfall descends into a tranquil 300-meter-wide reservoir and has a green-blue hue making it one of the natural wonders in West Bengal.

Moreover, the serene atmosphere and the peaceful villages around make this destination more enchanting.

The milky-white appearance of the 400ft waterfall between the Tiffin Dhara and Ghanti Dhara river streams will certainly leave you spellbound.


The place becomes more majestic when the dazzling moonlight makes the waterfall sparkle.

You have to hike to the Changey waterfalls through the 900-ft trail from the last motorable point.

3. Turga Waterfall

Near the village of Gosaidhi, nestles a heavenly piece of natural art, the Tugra waterfalls.  The cascading waterfall is the home to rich biodiversity in the Purulia district of West Bengal.

The water is so clear and transparent that you can actually see the bottom of the stream.

This unmatched beauty of nature flows through the Gorshabru and Mayur hills and is a haven for a diverse range of flora and fauna.


Because the depth is quite shallow, the waterfall creates a small trough into which you can take a dip your feet and relax.

The waterfall with crystal clear water is a visual treat for your eyes.

You can also visit the nearby Ayodhya Hills in Purulia and take lovely photographs of the scenic landscapes. 

4. Chunnu Waterfall

Chunnu Waterfall is a major attraction in Darjeeling and is one of the most popular waterfalls in West Bengal.

This location, also known as Rock Garden, features a variety of scenic landscapes including lovely gardens, bridges, and dense woodlands.

During the summer, the beautiful white water cascades down the rugged hills and flows through the Rock Garden, where you can sit, relax and enjoy a picnic.

There are local shops nearby from where you can buy a few snacks and enjoy them.

With the greater influx of tourists, this location has recently been added to the list of Bengal’s top tourist attractions.

Make sure to click amazing photos of the waterfall and the park.


5. Paglajhora Waterfall

Paglajhora waterfall, located in East Kurseong valley, is one of West Bengal’s most picturesque waterfalls.

It descends from a height of 6100 feet.

This waterfall is located near the Chimli town of Kurseong on the Mahaldiram hills.

It is an ideal destination for trekkers and adventure seekers. Hiking & trekking through the narrow trails of this waterfall located deep within the jungles is a thrilling experience.

Furthermore, you can enjoy the surreal beauty of this waterfall as well as the spectacular sunrise view while traveling to Darjeeling on a toy train.

These breathtaking waterfalls nestled between valleys and hills are a perfect getaway destination.

Revive yourself with the cool refreshing water sprays and the lovely atmosphere around.

Also, make sure to explore the nearby hills, wildlife, and forests if you visit these waterfalls.

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