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Raichak, Diamond Harbour (West Bengal) – Resorts, Things To Do

If you are longing to feel the peacefulness of nature and wish to paint your thoughts on the green canvas of nature, then Raichak is an amazing place for you.

Here you will also get panoramic views of the waterscapes.


You would be enthralled with the holiday vibes that Raichak would surprise you in every moment.

In this article, you will get to know about the following points about Raichak,

  1. How to reach
  2. Raichak and its history
  3. Places to visit
  4. Things to do
  5. Best time to visit

Let’s see each of these in detail…

How to reach Raichak

Raichak is well connected by road, rail, and air. 

You can get easy access to the tourist spots in and near Raichak through the enlisted modes of transport below,

By Bus: luxury buses departing from Golpark and Esplanade will take you directly to Raichak. 

Prices range from 200 to 500 rupees. By bus, the trip takes only two and a half hours.

By Car: Raichak is only a short drive from Kolkata. 

To get to Sarisha in around 30 minutes, head south on Diamond Harbour Road from Behala in southern Kolkata and turn right immediately to reach Diamond Harbour. 

Raichak is another 7 kilometers from Diamond Harbor. 

You can also get buses from Howarh station or you can also avail of the train services to reach Raichak.

Raichak and its history

Raichak is a beautiful small town located in South 24 Paraganas.

It is located on the outskirts of Kolkata on the banks of the River Hooghly. Haldia and Kolkata are connected by Raichak.

The sleepy town offers beautiful views of the Ganges and is well-known for its Fort, which reminds us of the bygone era. 

The riverside destination although has a commercialized surrounding and urban touch, you can feel a rustic charm if you visit here. 


Therefore this place can be an ideal getaway destination from Kolkata. 

The Portuguese pirates frequently visited Diamond Harbour. 

As a result, the location has some ancient ruins related to pirates, the most noteworthy of which are the remains of the 16th-century Chingrikhali Fort.

The fort was home to Portuguese pirates, according to the inhabitants.

Places to visit near Raichak

Some of the places you can visit near Raichak are,

1. Hooghly River

One of Raichak’s top tourist attractions is the River Hooghly. 

The River Hooghly used to be a crucial commerce route and a perfect location for a wonderful picnic area. 

You can use ferry services to enjoy the sunset at the holy river Ganga.

2. Diamond Harbour

Diamond Harbor is undoubtedly one of the popular weekend destinations near Kolkata.

In this spot, the Holy river takes a turn to the Bay of Bengal. It is a natural delight as you can enjoy a calm ambiance here.

The leisurely walk along the banks will surely soothe your soul. 


3. Raichak Fort

The Raichak Fort is one of the most beautiful forts in India, lesser known among many. 

The fort was built during colonial rule and overlooked the gorgeous Hooghly River. 

The F Fort was built in Anglo-Indian Architectural style embedded with French and British styles preserving the old earthen charm and demeanor.

The Fort is now converted into a resort.

4. Chnigrikhali Fort, Raichak

Chnigrikhali fort was built by the Portuguese but is in ruins today. 

The site of the fort is eye-catching, especially on a windy day. 

The grey cloud-covered sky in the backdrop with a spectacular view of the Hooghly river is a sight to behold. 

5. Gadiara

Gadiara is another weekend destination to have the best Bengali cuisine. 

You can leisurely stroll along the boat trips and village roads. 

Here you can also enjoy sunsets and sunrises on the horizon. 

Visit Geonkhali and Garchumuk from here by ferry services to feel the serene ambiance of nature. 

6. Ram Krishna Ashram

Ram Krishna Ashram is also close to Diamond Harbour, and the area around the Aashram has beautiful landscapes. 

It is well-known among the locals. 

You can enter the Aashram and relax in the peacefulness surrounding the ashram.


7. Sonar Tori

Sonar tori or golden boat is an excellent dining place near Raichak. 

The restaurant serves delicious food and delightful desserts in bell metal utensils and brass containers. 

The architecture of this restaurant is flawless with writings of Rabindranath Tagore inscribed on the terrace. 

The interiors are quite impressive with vintage furniture, souvenirs, traditional food servings, wooden tables, artifacts, and many more. 

The view of the Ganges is an additional charm in Sonar Tori. 

8. Diamond Harbour Lighthouse

Diamond Harbor Lighthouse is located close to Raichak Fort and the port. 

The lighthouse, which was constructed a few decades ago, is still in use and may be seen directing approaching ships at night.

9. Joynagar

Joynagar is located close to Raichak. 

Joynagar is also known for having a large number of manuscripts, figurines, and black stone images of numerous gods in addition to a thriving local market selling handicrafts.

10. Raichak Picnic spot

The Raichak picnic area is a beautiful piece of land where you can arrange for picnics. 

The picnic area is situated close to the lake overlooking the breathtaking location. 

In Raichak, there are many hotels and resorts that provide optimum picnic locations for visitors too.

Since many visitors come here to spend their weekends for relaxation. 

Raichak has been growing as a major significant junction to rejuvenate your soul. 

You can simply sit by the river bank, watch the boats passing by and taste piping hot chicken curry prepared for a delectable lunch at a picnic. 


Raichak serves as the gateway to many other attractions of South 24 Paraganas. It provides access to sites like Gangasagar, Kakdwip, Namkhana, and Bakkhali.

Things to do in Raichak

  1. Stroll along the banks of river Ganga leisurely.
  2. Feel the peaceful ambiance of the quaint setting and Ganga.
  3. Arrange for a super enjoyable picnic in Raichak.
  4. Shop at the handicrafts market at Joynagar.
  5. Eat delectable Bengali cuisines at Sonar Tori.
  6. Explore the histories and mysteries of Chingrikhali Fort.
  7. Witness sunrises and sunsets at the horizon.
  8. Enjoy a stay at F Fort or Fort Raddisson.

Best time to visit Raichak

The ideal time for visiting Raichak is during the months between October and March.

During this time, the temperature remains quite low and the surrounding is quite cool and pleasant to enjoy a picnic. 

Winters are near, so take an exclusive winter retreat in this lovely weekend destination from Kolkata.

Include it in your bucket list and set for a trip to Raichak with your friends and family.

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