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Purbasthali (West Bengal) – Location, Chupi Char, Bird Watching

Sometimes all we need is a perfect weekend getaway with our family to free ourselves from the clutches of mundane life. Beaches, hills, and forests are too mainstream. But what if you can plan your trip to one of the most quaint hamlets in Bengal?


Purbasthali is an incredible place to plan a weekend getaway from Kolkata. It is a bird watchers’ paradise and known for its Oxbow lake. It imprints an exclusive beauty on the Purba Bardhaman District.

In this article, you will get to know the following points about Purbasthali and Chupi Char,

  1. How to reach
  2. Natural ambiance
  3. Things to do
  4. Best time to visit
  5. Road trip to Purbasthali
  6. Places to stay
  7. Nearby attractions

Let’s see each of these points in detail.

How to reach Purbasthali

You can easily reach Purbasthali from Kolkata and other parts of West Bengal by Train, Bus, and Car.

By Train

The Howrah – Katwa Local, which departs from Howrah Railway Station, is the best way to get to Purbasthali. You will reach Purbasthali in about 3 hours.

Visitors can hire a Toto from the station area to get to the lake. It won’t take more than 15 to 20 minutes.


By Bus

You can catch any bus to Nabadwip or Mayapur from Kolkata or other parts of West Bengal. You can then reach Purbasthali from there.

By Car

You can easily reach Purbasthali from Kolkata by car. The distance is about 140 kilometers. It will take about 3- 4 hours to travel from Kolkata to Purbasthali.

The natural ambiance of Purbasthali

Birds in Chupi Chur, Purbasthali

The peacefulness of the hamlet of Purbasthali is disturbed from early December every year by the arrival of flocks of birds from halfway across the world.

The Oxbow lake, or “Chupi Char,” originated from the mighty Ganges flowing past villages like Chupi and Kasthashali. The clear blue waters of Chupi Char, the vast fruit orchards, and the surrounding farmlands harbor more than 70 species of local and migratory birds. 

The Oxbow lake covers 3.5 sq. km and encloses an islet with three villages. Bird watching in the lake can be done in local country boats, and the boatmen guide the visitors to spot the migratory birds.

The lake has a narrow channel connecting it to the holy Ganges and thus has a constant water source pouring into it.


The rich and fertile alluvial soil on the floodplain of Ganga and the abundance of rainfall has bestowed the Purbasthali region with lush greenery. Hence you can also see agricultural lands with various crops like maize, rice, corn, mustard, jute, potato, and different types of vegetables, fruits, and flowers growing throughout the year.

The fields glitter in the sunlight, which is indeed a sublime beauty.

Things to do in Purbasthali

Bird watching
  1. Watch the beautiful and rare migratory avifauna species along the lake.
  2. Stroll around farmland and the orchards.
  3. Witness the beautiful sunrise and sunset on the horizon of Chupi Char.
  4. Take a boat ride in the lake.
  5. Photograph the alluring nature and stroll around the beautifully landscaped garden.
  6. Visit the children’s park with your kids and watch the beautiful view of the landscapes from the watchtowers.

Best time to visit Purbasthali

Purbasthali is open throughout the year. However, the main draws in this area are migratory birds, which can be especially seen in the winter months.


Every year, beginning in mid-November, migratory birds make their way to Purbasthali after flying thousands of kilometers through the Central Asian Flyway from Central Asia, Russia, Europe, and other far-off nations (CAF).

Road trip to Purbasthali

The journey to Purbasthali includes an enjoyable and more educational trip by passing through the temple towns of Kalna, Hansheswari, Guptipara, and Sukharia on the way from Kolkata.

Additionally, you can travel through large expanses of greenery and areas like Samudragar and Natungram, known for their textiles and crafts.

A trip to Purbasthali will be incredible if you’re looking for a weekend getaway destination close to Kolkata with equal portions of adventure, solitude, and peacefulness.

Places to stay in Purbasthali

The best lodging option is Chupi Kasthashali Pakhiralay, located next to the Purbasthali oxbow lake or Chupi Char. The Purbasthali II Block Development Office (BDO), Kasthashali Gram Panchayat, and a few neighborhood clubs jointly established the property.

Locals villagers entirely run this iconic attraction. Four newly constructed lakeside cottages, an eight-bed dormitory, a beautifully landscaped park, and bird-watching towers are also present here.


Other nearby attractions

There are many nearby places that you can visit after your refreshing trip to Purbasthali. You can go to the nearby towns of Mayapur and Nabadwip and explore the rich history of the region.

Additionally, you can visit the Sribati Terracotta Temple and Natungram Village.

If you are a photography lover, this place is ideal for you. You can take beautiful snaps of the migratory bird species here and click stunning photos of cottages, gardens, and rural communities engaged in making dolls and models.

Purbasthali will surely bring a smile to your face.

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