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Poush Mela Santiniketan 2021 – Date, Location, Things to do

The “Poush Mela” organized by the Vishva Bharati University in Santiniketan is one of the most famous fairs of West Bengal.

Every year this fair attracts thousands of visitors from all across West Bengal to Santiniketan in Bolpur.


In this article, you will get the following details about the Santiniketan Poush Mela,

  1. Santiniketan Poush Mela 2021 update
  2. Poush Mela history
  3. Things to do
  4. How to reach
  5. Places to stay
  6. Places to visit nearby

Let’s see each of these points in detail…

Santiniketan Poush Mela 2021 Update

The Poush Mela, which is usually organized by Vishva Bharati University, is canceled for the year 2021 according to local sources.

But the West Bengal state government is going to organize an alternative new handicraft fair at Santiniketan during the Poush Mela dates.

Shayaksen.ed, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The dates of the new handicraft fair at Bolpur are from 23rd December to 28th December 2021.

The location of this new and alternate handicraft fair is at the Daak-Bungalow Ground, Bolpur.


Santiniketan Poush Mela history

The Santiniketan Poush Mela is a fair of historical importance.

It is said that on 21st December 1843 (the 7th day of Poush month according to the Bengali calendar), Debendranath Tagore (father of the famous poet Rabindranath Tagore), with his twenty followers, accepted the “Brahma” religion from Ram Chandra Vidyabagish.

In 1894, a small fair was organized in front of a Bhrama Mandir, situated in Shantinktan. It was started to celebrate the relation between a few Brahmo Samaj followers and the Tagore family.

This small fair that started more than 100 years back has become an iconic fair that attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Things to do at Santiniketan Poush Mela 2021

The Poush Mela held at Santiniketan is a fair filled with culture and tradition.

Here you will get to see a wide variety of handicraft items, stalls with a number of handloom garments, “Tanth sarees”, oxidized and metal jewelry clay showpieces leather items, etc.

You will also get a number of food stalls a number of unique and amazing dishes and Bengali sweets. Some of them include Rosogolla, Pati Sapta, Dubh Puli, etc.

Rajeeb Dutta, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Every single day of the post Malala is filled with cultural activities, performed by the local artist as well as students from the Visva Bharati University.

Dance performance song performance as well as some performance from the sound the famous Baul singers.

You will definitely have a lovely time at this fair even if you visit for a day or two.


How to reach Santiniketan Poush Mela 2021

Kolkata to Santiniketan Poush Mela distance: About 180 km.

You can reach Santiniketan Poush Mela from Kolkata by bus train and car.

By Train:

The easiest way to reach Santiniketan Poush Mela using public transport is through the train.

You can board any train from Sealdah or Howrah that has a stop at Bolpur.

Some of the trains that start from Howrah and Sealdah and has a stop at Bolpur includes,

  1. Ganadevta Express
  2. Maa Tara Express
  3. Santiniketan Express

By Bus:

You can also reach Santiniketan Poush Mela by bus.

Take any public bus that stops at Bolpur. There are SBSTC buses as well that stops at Bolpur from Dharmatala and Durgapur.

By Car:

It will take you about 2 hrs 30minutes to reach Santiniketan Poush Mela by car from Kolkata.

If you book a cab it will cost you around Rs. 3000-6000 depending on the type of cab you take.

Places to stay Santiniketan Poush Mela 2021

The best place to stay near Santiniketan Poush Mela is to stay at hotels near the Viswa Bharati University.

You can also get some hotels near the Dak Bungalow.

Apart from this, there are a number of other hotels near Bolpur station and Bolpur Bus stand.

Places to visit nearby Santiniketan Poush Mela 2021

If you are planning to visit Santiniketan Poush Mela, you can also visit some other places located near it.

Some office includes the Sonajhuri haat, and the Viswa Bharati University campus.

There are a number of spots on the campus that you have visited. You can take a Toto and the Toto driver will guide you to all these places.


FAQs regarding Santiniketan Poush Mela

Is the Santiniketan Poush Mela canceled?

The Santiniketan Poush Mela has been canceled for the year 2021. However, an alternate fair will be organized at Bolpur on the same dates as Poush Mela.

What are the dates of the new handicraft fair at Bolpur?

The dates of the new handicrafts fair are from 23rd December to 28th December 2021

What is the location of the new handicraft fair at Bolpur?

The location of the new handicraft fair at the Daak-Bungalow Ground, Bolpur.

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