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8 Best Places to Visit in Uttar Dinajpur District, West Bengal

Uttar or North Dinajpur district forms a part of the basin lying between the Rajmahal hills on the east and Raiganj which is situated on the bank of the river.

There are many unexplored tourist destinations in Uttar Dinajpur.

The headquarters of the Uttar Dinajpur district, Raiganj is a municipal town and is one of the major trade centers of North Bengal.


It is where the Raiganj Wildlife Sanctuary(Kulik bird sanctuary), the second largest bird sanctuary in Asia is situated.

The place is well-connected with the rest of the state through National Highways.

The district is well surrounded by lakes, parks, and devotional temples.

In this article, you will get to know about the following tourist attractions in Uttar Dinajpur,

  1. Raiganj Church
  2. Karnajora Museum and Park
  3. Sapnikla Forest
  4. Kunore
  5. Burhana Faqirs Mosque
  6. Kulik Bird Sanctuary
  7. Bhairabi Kali Mandir, Bindol
  8. Shri Digambar Adinath Jain Mandir

Let’s see each of these places in detail…

1. Raiganj Church

Raiganj Church is one of the most significant sites to visit in the city of Raiganj. It is devoted to St. Joseph, the patron saint of the Raiganj Diocese.

You can witness the church from afar because it is quite massive.

Although the church was founded in 2010, it looks like it is quite ancient due to its unique architecture.

This structure’s design was influenced by Greek Orthodox churches. Greek pillars are among the church’s most distinctive features.

You can feel a peacefulness and a spiritual aura as you stand in front of the chapel’s high altar.

Additionally, the hexagonal dome and the carved artwork on the church’s wall add to the significance of the location.

The church can accommodate 20,000 people at a time.

2. Karnajora Museum and Park

Karnajora Museum and Park is another prime attraction of North Dinajpur.

It is famous for its terracotta sculptures.

The potteries on display reflect the fine works of artisans in Uttar Dinajpur.

The museum and park are old tourist attractions with a few collections of old things that delight all the visitors.


The atmosphere inside the museum and park is very peaceful and is surrounded by green gardens and lawns.

Another wonderful thing that you can find here is the rare collections of flora and fauna.

The terracotta and natural beauty of Karnajora are quite impressive.

3. Sapnikla Forest

Sap Nikla Forest is a beautiful place with amazing panoramic views situated in North Dinajpur.

Located under the Chopra block, this green dense forest is a perfect place to relax amidst nature.

The forest is mainly composed of mixed deciduous trees and the distribution of the forest is uneven and patchy.

The 282.11 acres of the forest look more charming due to the presence of a lake where many animals come every day to bathe and refresh themselves in the cool water.

The cool shades of the trees and the panoramic views of the lakes attract many visitors every day.

4. Kunore

Kunore is a small hamlet located in Uttar Dinajpur famous for its terracotta and clay works.

The decoration comes from the tea gardens where the craftsmen make tubs and tiles for the small plants.

Many potteries and craftsmen make fancy idols, lampshades, telephone idols, and decorative items.

Motif-making is another beautiful and trending occupation of the craftsmen there.

Commonly seen motifs are palm tree, Lord Ganesha, Tribal woman with children, etc.


Designs like Lata (blooming creepers) and Kalka (mango motif) are very common.

The craftsmen in Kunore are involved in pottery and motif making for generations.

Kunore Hatpara village is also famous for making the special clay and terracotta horses (Pirer Ghora) which are also exported worldwide.

The clay lampshades, flower vases, chandeliers, and oil lamps are equally beautiful.

Boruas (used for collecting milk from cows), designer Dhunuchis, and clay dolls are also quite popular handicrafts made here.

5. Burhana Fakir Mosque

Burhana Faqirs Mosque is one of the spiritual and cultural sites in Uttar Dinajpur.

The mosque is famous for its architecture.

This mosque has an elegant appearance and is surrounded by a spiritual ambiance.

The design of the mosque and the extended green lawns in front of it attract a large number of tourists.

This charming Mughal architecture and the myriad forms of art on the domes and the walls are simply fascinating.

The interiors are also quite beautifully decorated.

The grand mosque standing in the backdrop of blue skies will make your soul feel rejuvenated and your heart more joyful.

6. Raiganj Bird Sanctuary

Raiganj Bird Sanctuary (Amitabha Gupta, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Kulik Bird Sanctuary also known as the Raiganj Bird Sanctuary is a paradise for bird lovers.

The bird sanctuary which encompasses an area of 1.3 sq kilometers is claimed as the second largest bird sanctuary in Asia.

This bird sanctuary located near Raiganj is the home to approximately 164 bird species.

You can visit this place every year to see around 7000-8000 migratory bird species.

The birds here include kingfishers, owls, woodpeckers, kites and flycatchers, and drongoes.


The major migratory species of birds include black-crowned night heron, pond heron, egrets, open bill storks, and the prime Asian Openbill.

The place is not only famous for numerous and unique avifaunas. But also the bird sanctuary has a unique shape of the alphabet U and is connected with River Kulik with a network of waterways.

The waterbodies, forests, and beautiful local and exotic birds make it one of the best places to visit in Uttar Dinajpur.

7. Bhairabi Kali Mandir, Bindol

Bhairabi Kali Mandir (Punyabrata Barma, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

The Terra Cotta Bhairabi Kali Temple in Bindole, Uttar Dinajpur has a black stone statue of the goddess Bhairabi.

It was in dilapidated condition for quite a long time.

Due to its significance as an archaeological site, the Government of India acquired it and recently rebuilt it to restore its original condition.

The dacoits built this temple a long time back and it belonged to Devi Choudhurani.

The interiors of the temples have beautiful carvings and the temple is associated with an interesting history.

It is lesser known among tourists, but the atmosphere around the temple is quite serene and divine.

8. Shri Digambar Adinath Jain Mandir

The Shri Digamber Adinath Jain Mandir in Raiganj (Uttar Dinajpur) is one of the famous spiritual locations in the district.

The 31-foot tall Adinath statue at this Jain temple is its most notable feature.


The idol is displayed in an elevated position within the walls of this holy place.

Famous Jain saints Ganini Pramukh Aryika and Deshbhushanji Maharaj commissioned the construction of this site.

These are some of the best places to visit in Uttar (North) Dinajpur.

Set for these less unexplored places to refresh your soul, witness flora and fauna, and terracotta carvings, and spend some time amidst the surreal nature.

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