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Top 6 Places to Visit in Cooch Behar, West Bengal

Cooch Behar district of West Bengal has a diverse cultural heritage.

The district is dotted with many Hindu temples that attract many visitors every day.


In this article, you will get to know about the following places to visit in Coochbehar,

  1. Cooch Behar Rajbari
  2. Madan Mohan Temple
  3. Sagardighi
  4. Baneshwar Shiva Temple
  5. Maharaja NN park
  6. Madhupur Satra

Let’s see each of these attractions in detail…

1. Cooch Behar Rajbari

Cooch Behar Rajbari(Rupeshsarkar, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Cooch Behar Rajbari, also known as the Cooch Behar Palace, is one of the top destinations in Cooch Behar.

Victor Jubilee Palace, which is another name for Rajbari, is regarded as having significant historical value.

Cooch Behar Rajbari was built in 1887 under the reign of Maharaja Nripendra Narayan, and its architecture was modeled on London’s Buckingham Palace.

St. Peter’s Church in Rome is reminiscent of the main entryway.


The magnificent structure is a few steps away from the facade.

The multiple verandas give the building a stunning look and the sheer size of the palace exemplifies its splendor.

The breathtaking beauty of the magnificent palace standing elegantly in the backdrop of blue skies and the well-kept gardens in front makes it the most beautiful place to visit in Cooch Behar.

2. Madan Mohan Temple

Madan Mohan Temple, Cooch Behar

Maharaja Nripendra Narayan constructed the beautiful Madan Mohan Temple between 1885 and 1887.

The white temple is a symbol of serenity and peacefulness in CoochBehar.

The temple has a large dome with multiple arch-shaped entrances. You can also have a glimpse of the beautiful temple campus from the sacred pond called Bairagi Dighi.

Deities which include Madan Mohan, Tara Ma, Kali Ma, and Ma Bhawani are worshiped in the temple. Every day many devotees come to offer pujas.

Rash Mela and Rash Yatra, which are two of North Bengal’s most popular celebrations, are held at the temple magnificently on Rash Purnima.

3. Sagardighi

Sagardighi, Cooch Behar

Sagardighi is a huge tank located in the center of the city of Coochbehar, which was constructed by Maharaja Hitendra Narayan.

There are also many significant landmarks around the tank including Victor House, historical sites, and a War Memorial.


A trip through the gallery of the tank is rather fascinating for visitors.

This reservoir is a major draw for nature lovers as many migratory birds flock to this place too.

4. Baneshwar Shiva Temple

Baneshwar Shiva Temple, Cooch Behar (Amitabha Gupta, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Baneshwar Shiva temple, which is 10 kilometers from the main center of Cooch Behar, is home to a Shivalinga that is 10 feet below the plinth level.

There is also a statue of Ardhanarishvara in the temple. “Gouripat” is also present in the temple.

The “Ardhanareshwar deity” is brought to the Madan Mohan Temple in a renowned procession on Madan Chaturdashi and Dol Purnima.

Hence it is also called “Movable Baneshwar”.

A huge holy pond in the temple complex is home to several very old and mature tortoises.

On Shiv Chaturdashi, a major fair is held here which lasts for a week.

5. Maharaja NN park

Coochbehar’s Maharaja N N Park is an amazing tourist spot.

The area is incredible and is ideal for families and couples to spend a wonderful time together amidst serenity.

In 1892, Maharaja Nripendra Narayan built it in memory of his father, Shri Narendra Narayan, the former head of the princely kingdom of Cooch Behar.


The park has a well-maintained garden and is embellished with a variety of lush green trees.

Palm, Debdaru, Kaamini, Bakul, Hijal, Kadam, Haritaki, Segun, Bougainvillea, and Nagalingam trees are among the tallest in this area.

There are also beautiful statues in many areas of the park.

You can stroll along the path that is dotted with these trees and relax along the serene water body.

Moreover, you can enjoy toy train rides around the entire park complex.

6. Madhupur Satra

Madhupur Satra (Amitabha Gupta, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Located in Cooch Behar,  Madhupur Satra is a religious institution center connected to the Ekasarana tradition of Vaishnavism.

This is an important religious and historical landmark of Cooch Behar. 

During the Koch dynasty in the sixteenth century, Assamese Vaishnavite monks founded it for devotional purposes.

Both Mahapurusha Madhavadeva and his teacher, Mahapurusha Srimanta Sankardeva (1449–1568 AD), passed away here.

Madhupur Satra is also known as Dahmukutor, where “Dahmukut” refers to the residential quarters of ten of Srimanta Sankardeva’s students (bhaktas).

The Sanskrit word Satra means “a gathering of devotees”.

The place is surrounded by an ambiance of spirituality and peacefulness.

These are the must-visit destinations in Cooch Behar.

So plan for these awesome destinations on a weekend and refresh yourself from the mundane schedules of life.

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