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MUD Clay, Coffee and more, Rash Behari Avenue, Kolkata: Review

Wall Decorations at MUD Cafe

Hey all,

The Mud Café is a café I would love to visit again. I this place more than 4 times and the experience here was pretty awesome every time.
I always prefer cafes over restaurants even when it’s lunchtime.
But this café surely has an antique touch in it. With ground and the table covered with handloom mats, the chairs and tables all from the handloom sector add up to its uniqueness.
Also, a soft vintage Bengali music in the background adds on to its antique beauty.
MUD clay Coffee and more also has various items for sale that includes the table mats, dishes, mugs, salt and pepper holders, beautiful glass bottles, handmade bags and lots more. The quality of this products is quite good. I also loved their design.

Here are some pics:

Mugs and Cups
Clay Dishes and tableware
Coming to the review:
Rating: 4/5 for location, 4.5/5 for the taste and quality, 5/5 for the atmosphere inside the café, 4/5 for the staff behavior.
Location: The MUD is located near the triangular park, with a walking distance from Lake Mall and Gariahat. This café is located on the 2nd floor of a building. Make sure to look for the banner as it’s not properly visible from the outside. But the inside of it is just wow!

[Click here to get the exact location]

Staffs behavior: There is no complain about the staff’s behavior. But as you have to order from the 2nd floor, the staffs are not always present there and you have to wait a bit. There is a bell that you have to ring if you want to call a waiter, they will be immediately present at your service. They have proper answers to the questions regarding the menu and also helps in deciding the menu. I liked their behavior.
Taste and quality of the food:  The taste and quality of the food are absolutely fine. I will not say its extraordinary but it tastes good.

[Click here to Check the menu on Zomato]

Pricing: There was no problem with the pricing. The taste of the food is absolutely ok with the price of the food. Also, the quality of the food is better than some other cafes of the same range.
Dishes I tried there: Chicken pasta with white sauce and cappuccino. I love pasta. This is a dish I like to try whenever I visit any new cafe. Both of them are tasty. The amount was also good. My stomach was full of this combo.

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Chicken Pasta
Recommended dishes: Chicken Burger, Pasta and Dahi Chicken and Rumali Roti are some of the dishes in this cafe that I would recommend.
Also, have a look at there items for sale. They are awesome.You may love them.

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