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6 Beautiful Monasteries In Darjeeling That You Must Visit 2023

If you are looking for a spiritual and scenic experience in Darjeeling, I would recommend you visit some of the beautiful monasteries that dot the landscape. These monasteries in Darjeeling truly reflect its mystic ambiance.

They also showcase the richness and diversity of the Buddhist faith and teachings. The monasteries offer you a chance to relax and meditate amidst the green mountains and misty atmosphere.


In this article, you will get to know about the following monasteries in Darjeeling that you must visit,

  1. Bhutia Busty Monastery
  2. Ghoom Monastery
  3. Samten Choling Monastery
  4. Aloobari Monastery
  5. Dali Monastery
  6. Tamang Monastery

Let’s see each of these sacred sites in detail.

1. Bhutia Busty Monastery

Darjeeling Mall to Bhutia Busty Monastery distance1 kilometer

The Bhutia Busty Monastery, also known as the Karma Dorjee Chyoling Monastery, is a branch of the Nyingma sect of Tibetan Buddhism. It was originally located at Observatory Hill but was relocated to Bhutia Busty in 1879. The monastery belongs to the Red Sect of Buddhist lamas, who follow the teachings of Padmasambhava.

The monastery is an incredible sight to behold, surrounded by hills, clouds, and greenery. It has a traditional Tibetan style of architecture, with a tinge of Sikkimese influence. The monastery reflects the rich Buddhist culture and heritage of the region.


Inside the prayer hall, you will feel a sense of peace and tranquility. You will see a statue of Lord Buddha in a glass case, along with pictures of the Dalai Lama. You will also find a new image of Tara Devi, the goddess of compassion. On another wall, there is a large image of Goddess Lakshmiswari, who has a thousand eyes and hands. You can just sit and meditate in the serene atmosphere of the monastery.

2. Ghoom Monastery

Darjeeling Mall to Ghoom Monastery distance7 kilometer

The Ghoom Monastery is the first Tibetan Buddhist monastery built in Darjeeling. It is also known as Yiga Choeling Monastery and belongs to the Gelukpa or the Yellow Hat sect of Buddhism. This is one of the oldest and largest monasteries in Darjeeling, situated at an altitude of 8,000 feet.

The monastery was established in 1850 by Lama Sherab Gyatso, a Mongolian monk and astrologer. It is famous for its 15 feet-high statue of the ‘Maitreya Buddha’ or the ‘Future Buddha,’ which is made of clay imported from Tibet. You can see various ground-up precious stones and holy objects on the statue. There is also a huge diamond between its eyes that sparkles in the light of butter candles.

Ghoom Monastery has a collection of 300 Tibetan texts, ancient murals, bells, thangka scrolls, manuscripts, books, and drums. You can explore the monastery and learn more about the Buddhist religion and culture. You can also join the prayers in the morning or evening and listen to the chanting of the lamas.

3. Samten Choling Monastery

Darjeeling Mall to Samten Choling Monastery distance7 kilometer

The Samten Choling Monastery is another prominent monastery situated in Ghum, near Darjeeling. It is often confused with the old Ghum Monastery or Yiga Choeling Monastery. This monastery is also referred to as the Ghum Monastery.

The monastery has a big gate with a square arch that leads to the main gompa. There are stairs that go down to an open patio, with the main prayer hall on one side.


Inside the hall, there is a 26 ft statue of Lord Buddha that was built recently to honor Lama Anagarika Govinda, a renowned scholar and teacher of Buddhism. The statue is impressive and majestic. You can visit the monastery early in the morning to witness the sunrise and listen to the prayers in a serene and calm environment. The humming sounds and chanting made by the Lamas create a sublime and spiritual environment. It also has a great collection of Buddhist books and manuscripts. You can stay for as long as you want during the prayer and rejuvenate your soul.

From the monastery, you will get stunning sights of the valleys and snow-clad peaks of Kanchenjunga, if the weather is clear. The sunrise from here looks spectacular. You can also visit in the evening for another prayer session. After that, you can have some snacks from the stalls outside before heading back to your hotels or resorts.

4. Aloobari Monastery

Darjeeling Mall to Aloobari Monastery distance3 kilometer

Aloobari Monastery, also known as Yolmowa Mak Dhog Monastery, is a serene and historic Buddhist site located 3km away from Darjeeling Town. It was founded in 1914 by Sri Sangay Lama, a respected religious leader of the Yolmowa people, a small ethnic group from northeast Nepal who settled in Darjeeling.

The monastery was built during the First World War as a gesture of peace and harmony. The name Mak Dhog means “keeping wars at a distance” in the Yolmowa language. It is one of the oldest monasteries in Darjeeling and houses many precious relics of Buddhism, such as ancient manuscripts and a magnificent statue of Lord Buddha.

Another attraction of the monastery is the statue of Padmasambhava, the sage who played a key role in spreading Buddhism in Tibet and Bhutan in the 8th century. The interior walls of the monastery are adorned with paintings made with herbs and grasses, which enhance the beauty and spirituality of the place.

5. Dali Monastery

Darjeeling Mall to Dali Monastery distance4 kilometer

Dali Monastery is a prominent Drukpa Kagyud Monastery belonging to the Kagyupa Order of Tibetan Buddhism. It is situated at an altitude of 7000 ft above sea level and lies between Ghoom and Darjeeling. The original name of the monastery is Yolmowa Mak Dhog Monastery and it is also one of the most visited monasteries in Darjeeling.

The monastery was originally established in 1971 by Kyabje Thuksey Rinpoche, a renowned Tibetan teacher. It is now the headquarters and residence of Drukchen Rimpoche the XII, who is the supreme head of the Kagyupa sect. It was inaugurated by His Holiness Dalai Lama in 1993, who gave three days of religious teachings there.

The monastery is a symbol of world peace and preserves the rich culture and tradition of the Tibetan monks. The monastery has a spacious central hall with vibrant red and yellow walls. Inside, there are exquisite paintings that depict the life of Buddha and a collection of centuries-old Buddhist manuscripts.

6. Tamang Monastery

Darjeeling Mall to Tamang Monastery distance38 kilometer

Tamang Gumba (also known as Tashi Samten Ling Monastery), is a hidden gem in Mirik, Darjeeling. It is the oldest monastery of the Tamang ethnic group and showcases their intricate artwork.

The monastery has a baroque design that attracts spiritual seekers, students of Buddhism, and travelers alike. Those who are interested can learn about the mystical teachings of the Nyingmapa sect of Buddhism, which is followed by the Tamang monks.

This is a peaceful and relaxing place to be at. You can enter the prayer hall and listen to the chants and feel the tranquility within. The scenic view around the monastery includes mountains, hills, and nature along with colorful Buddhist flags that create a heavenly atmosphere.

These are some of the beautiful monasteries to visit in Darjeeling.

If you are one of those who yearn for some calmness and bliss, then you should visit these gompas. They are rich in history and will reveal many secrets about Buddhism and its origins.

While you are in Darjeeling, also make sure to check out its other famous attractions.

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