Importance of having digital skills in today’s world!

Most of us are at that point in life where some of our friends are getting placed at different MNCs, others are opening their own start-ups and we keep giving interviews and gets rejected multiple times. Ever wonders despite your knowledge and your depth about your particular stream, why you keep getting rejected?

Well, the main reason there may be your digital skills. Most of the companies that come for placements in the Private Colleges in Bengal are from the IT sector. As the digital world is evolving, the IT industry in Bengal is booming with the increase in the number of IT companies. The basic requirement of this IT companies is your advance knowledge in various digital skills including Web and App development, digital marketing, Social Media Influence and lots more.

You may have heard from your seniors that no matter how much knowledge you have in your core stream, the requirement of these IT companies is your knowledge in C or Java. You may have also heard your teachers asking you to learn C or Java on the side apart from your main field of study.

Improving and learning these digital skills not only helps you to secure a good job in the all-time expanding IT sector but also help you start your own start-up.

Jobs are limited. Sometimes no matter how much you try, you just can’t crack that interview. But that’s never a reason to give up. The online world is evolving thereby increasing opportunities. Nowadays even if you don’t have a job, you can still earn a lot of money from Freelancing, E-commerce, Social Media, Blogging and lots and lots of other things.

There are individuals, just like us, who are earning millions from blogging and Freelancing.

Freelancing is now one of the major things in the online world. If you have the basic digital skills, you can get a lot of freelance works that are all over the Internet. Websites like,,, etc. can help you get millions of home-based freelancing jobs. In fact, these are the full-time career of millions of people across India and the world. What’s better than working from the comfort of your home and earning a good amount at the same time?

Learning these skills sets are easy. With some basic training, you can be a professional and can easily get into an MNC or start your own start-up or start your career as a freelancer.

Candle Career Academy is working towards these mission of helping students, just like us, improve their digital skills and also support us for an entrepreneurship journey by providing freelance digital training in Web Tech, Coding, Digital marketing, etc. You can check out their website.

If you love writing or expressing yourself, or an expert in designing basic websites or knows how to show the right ad to the right people, then taking this freelance courses will make you a pro.

Having a good knowledge about the digital world has a lot of pros. Many companies that were working completely offline until now are coming online and they are looking for potential candidates who know about the online sector. New opportunities are opening up every day. All you need is a good knowledge of the Digital World.

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