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Gour Malda (West Bengal) Tour Guide – History, How to Reach

Gour Malda, located a few kilometers from Malda Town (West Bengal), is a place with historical and cultural importance. It is situated near the India-Bangladesh border and was once the capital of ancient Bengal.


This place is now a famous archeological site with many monuments and ruins showcasing the rich heritage of ancient Bengal.

In this article, you will get to know about the following points about Gour Malda,

Let’s see each of these points in detail.

How to reach Gour Malda

The best option to reach Gour Malda from Kolkata is by train. You have to get down at Malda Town station and take an auto or taxi from there to reach Gour (about 30 minutes).

There are several trains like Vande Bharat Express, Gour Express, Teesta Torsa Express, etc. from Sealdah or Howrah station to Malda Town station.


If you are traveling by car, you can also drive via SH7 from Barddhaman to Moregram and then via NH34 to Gour. The distance is about 330 km, and the road conditions are moderately good.

Alternatively, you can take a bus from Esplanade (Kolkata) to Malda and then book an auto or a cab to reach Gour.

History of Gour Malda

The historic city of Gour is one of the notable capitals of Medieval and classical India, as it was the capital of numerous kingdoms of Bengal. The place goes by several names and is located in the Malda district of West Bengal, and some part lies in the Rajshahi Division of Bangladesh.

Founded in the 7th century CE, Gaur was the then capital of the Bengal Sultanate. In the 1500s, the city held a population of 200,000 and was the 5th most famed city on the globe. The place is home to numerous mosques under different sultans, a royal palace and durbar, a citadel, bridges, and canals.

The buildings of that time are characterized by glazed tiles. Gaur has seen empires like Pala, the Sena kingdom, the Delhi Sultanate, the Lakhnauti kingdom, and+ the Bengal Sultanate. All the rulers of these glorious empires had taken over and ruled the city one after the another.

Gaur was later occupied in the 16th century CE by Humayun, the Mughal emperor who called it Jannatabad. At the time, numerous structures were built by the Mughals, including the Mughal Takhana, Mughal Sufi Shrine, Rohanpur octagonal tomb, Mughal viceregal lodge, etc.


The city lost its glory due to the plunder of Sher Shah Suri, along with the plague outbreak that led to the downfall of the city’s strategic significance. A Portuguese historian has described the buildings of Gaur, where the houses featured one story with gardens and courtyards. Several other Portuguese travelers have left details of the city and you will also find artworks of European artists portraying the ruins of the splendid city of Gauda.

Places to visit in Gour Malda

Lukochuri Darwaja, Gour Malda

Gour Malda has many historical sites that you can visit, like,

  1. Boro Shona Masjid
  2. Daakhil Darwaja
  3. Firoz Minar
  4. Chika Masjid
  5. Gumti Darwaja
  6. Lukochuri Darwaja
  7. 22 Gaj Pacchir
  8. Ballal Bati
  9. Kotwali Darwaja
  10. Lotan Masjid

(Click to know more about these places)

Best time to visit Gour Malda

November to February, i.e., the winter, is the best time to visit Gour Malda. During this time, the weather remains pleasant, so you can explore all the historical sites without getting exhausted.

Another best time to visit Gour Malda is during the Ramkeli Mela. It is a 3-day fair and generally takes place in June. Although the temperature remains hot during this time, it attracts a lot of pilgrims and tourists.

Recommended accommodations in Malda

There are not many recommended options to stay near Gour Malda. The best place to stay is near Malda Town station or Rathbari More.


There are several options for you to choose from, such as Hotel Sunshine, Hotel Sanjiban, Hotel Purbanchal, and Hotel Pratapaditya. You can also check out some other hotels near Malda Town Station, such as Golden Park Hotel & Resort, Baishali Hotel, Bangasree Hotel, and Hotel Indraprastha.

These hotels offer various amenities and prices to suit your preferences and budget.

Other attractions near Gour Malda

AttractionDistance from Gour Malda
Malda Museum15.2 kilometers
Varta Bil20.2 kilometers
Adina Deer Park36.6 kilometers
Farakka Barrage27.7 kilometers

These are some points you must know about Gour Malda. It is a must-visit destination for history lovers or just anyone who wants to explore and learn about the history of Bengal.

This is a perfect place to visit near Malda during the weekend. So pack your bags and go on a journey to the past.

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