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Golpata Forest Taki (West Bengal) | Golpatar Jungle Tour

Taki is a beautiful offbeat destination that is located on the Indo-Bangladesh border. Golpata Forest is one of the most serene and picturesque destinations you can visit near.

It is called the “Mini Sundarban,” as this forest is vastly covered with a dense network of Golpata trees.


The weekend destination is famous for a panoramic view of the River Ichamati from the Watch Tower, small-scale mangrove forests, and small villages. It also has a paved pathway that lets you walk through the middle of the forest, giving you a memorable experience.

In this article, you will get to know the following points about the Golpata jungle (forest) in Taki,

  1. How to reach
  2. Natural ambiance
  3. Things to do
  4. Best time to visit

Let’s see each of these points in detail.

How to reach Golpatar Jungle

The best way to reach Golpatar Jungle from Kolkata is by train. You can board the Sealdah-Hasnabad local train and get down at Taki Road station. You can take a Toto or a Local Van to reach the forest from the station.

Buses are also available from Kolkata to reach Taki via Basirhat.

You need ID proof like a Voter card or Aadhar card to enter the forest as there is a BSF checkpost situated there.

The natural ambiance of Golpata Forest

Golpata Jungle

The Golpatar Jungle of Taki has a calm and peaceful ambiance uninterrupted by urban intervention. The Ichamati river, the cool air, the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and the surrounding Golpata trees soothe your soul.


There is a paved pathway that allows you to explore the forest better. Walking in the serene atmosphere amidst the trees provides a magical experience you can cherish for a lifetime.

You can spend an entire day with your dear people. So overall a lovely experience!

Things to do in Taki Golpata Forest

Golpatar Jungle in Taki
  1. Soak in the tranquil beauty of the surrounding.
  2. Walk in the paved pathway and explore nature from up close.
  3. Taste the authentic ” Chhanar Malpoya” from the local sweet shops.
  4. Click pictures of the entire 360-degree view of the mini Sunderban filled with Golpata trees from the watchtower.
  5. Plan to visit the nearby Taki Rajbari and Hoglapata Jungle as well.
  6. Spend time with your children in the nearby Sanhati Park and Ichamoti Park.
  7. Arrange for a picnic in the Badu Picnic Spot or Taki Picnic Spot.

Best time to visit Golpatar Jungle

The best time to visit Golpata Jungle is during the winter months, from November to February. During this time, the weather remains quite comfortable and pleasant to enjoy a picnic. The nature looks quite attractive too.

During the monsoon, the Golpata Jungle looks fuller and greener. But it is better not to visit here during the showers.


Another ideal time to visit the forest is during the Durga Puja (September-October), especially on the Bijay Dashami. This is because, during this time, you can see DurgaPuja idols from both nations being immersed in the holy water of the Ichamati River.

These are some points you should know about the Golpatar Jungle in Taki. This tourist spot is perfect for a 1-day or a weekend tour from Kolkata. It is rather energizing and will give a whole lot of refreshment after a tiring week.

Moreover, the place is so calm that you can spend hours strolling along the forests and gazing at the placid river.

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