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woman plucking tea at Teesta valley tea estate

5 Famous Tea Gardens (Tea Estates) In Darjeeling

Apart from the “Queen of the Hills” and being one of the most popular hill stations in West Bengal, Darjeeling is also famous all around the world for its Darjeeling Tea.

This is why there ate a lot of famous tea estates in and around Darjeeling. The best part, you can visit them and have a unique and amazing experience.


Some tea estates also allow you to visit their factories. You can also have a delicious cup of tea in the factory itself.

Below mentioned are some of the famous Tea gardens you can visit in and around Darjeeling:

  1. Happy Valley Tea Estate
  2. Puttabong Tea Estate
  3. Gopaldhara Tea Estate
  4. Teesta Valley Tea Estate
  5. Rangli Rangliot Tea Estate

Now let’s see a little bit more about each of these Tea Gardens…

1. Happy Valley Tea Estate

Matt Stabile, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Happy Valley Tea Estate is the second oldest and one of the largest tea gardens in the Darjeeling. It was established in 1854.

It is just a few kilometers from Darjeeling Mall and you can reach there by walking. But it is located a bit downhill and the slope is quite steep. So in case, you choose to walk there, remember that your way back could be quite cumbersome.

If you want to have a tea factory tour, you have to visit between 8 AM and 4 PM from Tuesday to Saturday. There is also a fee of Rs. 150 per person. The staff of the factory will show you around.

Note that the factory remains closed between October to February because tea plucking does not take place in winter.


2. Puttabong Tea Estate

Via Flickr

Puttabong Tea Estate, which is formerly known as Tukvar Tea Estate, is a tea garden in the Darjeeling Pulbazar CD block in the Darjeeling Sadar subdivision of the Darjeeling district, West Bengal.

In this tea garden, premium Darjeeling Tea is grown at an altitude of 600 – 2300 meters.

It is one of the largest tea estates in Darjeeling with an area of about 436 hectares. This tea estate is located about 9 kilometers to the northeast of Darjeeling.

3. Gopaldhara Tea Estate

Shubh.ch1994, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Gopaldhara Tea Estate is one of the most famous tea gardens in the Mirik subdivision of Darjeeling, West Bengal.

It is said that in 1881 this tea estate was developed in the lush green paddy fields owned by a person named ‘Gopal’. The word ‘Dhara’ means stream. The paddy fields were interspersed by a lot of streams. This is how the tea estate got its name ‘Gopaldhara’.

This tea garden produces one of the finest tea Darjeeling Tea.


4. Teesta Valley Tea Estate

Teesta Valley Tea Estate is another important and one of the largest tea estates in the region.

We visited this tea estate on our way back to NJP. The tea estate also has a large tea factory where you can see how tea is manufactured. However, it depends on the Manager, if he will allow you or not.

Also, tea production does not take place during the winters and the factories remain closed.

5. Rangli Rangliot Tea Estate

Rangli Rangliot is perhaps one of the most beautiful tea gardens that I have seen in Darjeeling.

The tea garden is only a 2 km downhill walk from the Takdah market area. If you are up for some activity, you can take a walk to the Rangli Rangliot tea garden.

There is an interesting backstory regarding the name of this garden. The words Rangli Rangliot means ‘thus far and no farther. It is said that a wise monk was in search of the finest tea in Darjeeling. His search ended here, at this tea garden.

So this place was named Rangli Rangliot!


These are some of the best tea gardens in Darjeeling, West Bengal. You can visit them to have a unique and amazing experience.

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