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6 Famous Picnic Spots in Bankura (West Bengal)

The district of Bankura is a treasure trove of sublime picnic spots that attract many tourists every winter season. With its rich culture, tradition, and art forms, the places offer a great opportunity to spend a day or two in the lap of nature.

If you need a small break, the spots are a perfect way to escape the work life and enjoy the slow and peaceful life of the countryside.


There are many picnic spots in Bankura that offer scenic views, refreshing water bodies, and lush greenery.

In this article, you will get to know about the following picnic spots in Bankura,

  1. Mukutmanipur
  2. Susunia Hills
  3. Jhilimili
  4. Biharinath Hills
  5. Bardi Pahar
  6. Koro Hill

Let’s see each of these spots in detail.

1. Mukutmanipur


Mukutmanipur is a serene village situated at the convergence of the rivers Kangsabati and Kumari, in Bankura near the border with Jharkhand. The place is notable for housing the second-largest earthen dam in the country.

It offers a stunning view of the azure water and the green hills. The name “Mukut” means “crown” and refers to the mystical hillocks that surround the place. The panoramic vista is breathtaking with clear skies, hills, woodlands, and a stretched road along the river bank.


Mukutmanipur is a perfect spot to enjoy a picnic by the river bank. You can relax, eat, and have fun with your friends and family. You can also dip your feet in the crystal-clear waters and watch the sunset over the horizon. You might opt for cooking, carrying your own, or there are restaurants where you can enjoy your meal.

Boating in the river is also an option at Mukutmanipur. Buy your tickets, hop on a boat and explore the scenic area. You can also shop for some terracotta jewelry or other souvenirs sold by the locals there at the stalls.

2. Susunia Hills

Susunia Hills is a hill range, about 13 kilometers from Bankura town. It has an altitude of 1200 feet and is adorned with nature. 

It is a great picnic destination in the district and is among the most preferred ones. You can set your place at the foothills amidst the woods. The experience will be really amazing. You will have an amazing experience cooking and feasting in the lap of nature, with hills all around you.

The natural ambiance of Susunia Hills is staggering and blissful. It consists of forest, river, dam and so much more. The river Gandheswari gushes down the hill and adds to its charm. The glory of the place is mostly seen during the spring season when the Palash and Krishnachura dress in a blanket of red color. The flowers bloom and spread all across the ground giving a contrasting look to the place.

When your food is getting cooked, go for some adventures like trekking and rock climbing. The panoramic view from up the hill is awe-inspiring. There is rich flora and another interesting thing you will come across is the holy spring.

You will also find some archaeological evidence of fossils imprinted on the walls of the hill. Enjoy strolling around with your group and discover more wonders of nature.

3. Jhilimili

Jhilimili is an upcoming picnic spot by the river Kangsabati. The place is brimming with forests and luxurious nature that will provide you with the ultimate scenic beauty. It has a rustic look and this will give the experience of the countryside.

The journey itself is very impressive as the road goes through a dense woodland and on the way you will get be see the flawlessly made mud houses of a particular style. All of it describes the rich culture and tradition of the place along with the warm and friendly natives.


The spot will be ideal for a picnic if you are fond of nature. You can relax, gossip, and savor meals under the shade of trees like Mahua, Sal, Simul, and Eucalyptus. The hamlet is a pleasant getaway from the daily mundane life and a chance to be close to the wilderness. The river makes the spot much more attractive and much more desirable for picnics.

Don’t just spend your day sitting, when the place offers so many amazing locations to be at. There is the Jhilimili “Baro Mile-er Jungle” with several viewpoints. Next is the Sutan lake and the Talberia Dam, surrounded by dense forest and tribal villages. Visit them all and then return for a hearty warm meal while cherishing the chill winter breeze.

4. Biharinath Hills

Biharinath Hills is the loftiest peak in the Bankura district. It goes up to 1480 feet and is a part of the Eastern Ghats. There is a shrine of Lord Shiva located on the foothills abutting the Shivganga pond. The place is also believed to be the witness of old Jain Culture.

Greenery dominates the hills with numerous birds living in them and chirping around. The picturesque location is pure and unadulterated with a captivating vista of the surroundings. The spot is ruled by a certain vibe and imparts peace and joy to the mind and soul.

If you are choosing the hills as your picnic spot, then it is a perfect choice to get along with nature and be there to experience and explore. The tranquil ambiance will make you feel at peace while you are munching on your food.

A few stalls are there that are run by the native villagers where they sell puja ingredients as well as food, very close to the temple. If you wish to, you can go inside and pray to the lord for everyone’s wellbeing. The rest of the time, play around, wander through the wilderness, and soak in the serenity.

5. Bardi Pahar

This offbeat place is located in the Sarenga block of the Bankura district. The beauty of the hillock is enriched by the presence of the Kangsabati River that flows beside it. The river has formed a gorge near the cliff, creating a magical landscape.

It is home to a diversity of flora and fauna together with a bit of history tinting the place. The hillock is associated with the memories of Durjan Singh, who led one of the greatest revolts against the Britishers in the nation.


Relax under the open blue sky while lying down on the cozy picnic blanket. The twittering of the birds, the cool soothing breeze, and the earthy fragrancy all combine to impart a detoxifying environment. Cook for yourself with your loved ones and sit together to relish a good dish while reminiscing on some old memories.

Make a few more by walking through the rails inside the forest. You can walk up to the hilltop where there is a small temple of Lord Shiva. Visit the river bank and swim if you would like to and only if you know how to. You will also find a beautiful carpet of green grass. Stand on it barefoot to connect with nature and you might even sit on it to ease down. There is much more to explore in this place.

You will find a beautiful carpet of green grass. Stand on it barefoot to connect with nature and you might even ease down by sitting on it. Way more is there to the place. venture it when the winter rolls in.

6. Koro Hill

Koro Hill is another spot in the Bankura district situated near Amarkanan village. It is popular for its trekking and picnic opportunities. The hill is just 19 kilometers away from Bankura city and is wrapped by a rural countryside atmosphere.

The location is covered with Salwood and scrub flora. It is absolutely for the ones who love the village environment, its rawness, culture, and charm. Planning a picnic at the hill can be satisfying, especially when you will witness the virgin nature at its best.

Carry your own food, drinks, picnic blanket, and all the other necessities for a day out, as there are no facilities available. Take some board games or badminton rackets to keep yourself entertained. At the top of the hill, there is the Savitri Devi temple. You can worship and pray there.

The place is also notable for trekking. It can be a challenging one but will be worth all the effort when the surrounding panorama comes into sight.

As the winter season approaches, we all get excited about going on a picnic with all our friends and family. The above-mentioned are some of the charming places that you can choose from while deciding where to head to.

Each place has its own unique features and attractions that will make your getaway memorable. Many more surprises await you.

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